Fun and memories for all the family

Now you can capture all those special moments and keep them forever with family portraits from Wiltshire Framing. 

You can also use your portraits in any of our holiday photo card designs, making it special for any occasion.

Our professional photographer will bring out the best from your photoshoot, capturing the moment and the essence of your portraits.

Call today to schedule a holiday season portrait. 

Capture those special memories forever

With a photoshoot at Wiltshire Framing, you can capture those treasured moments forever.

Whether a newborn baby, a much loved pet or the whole family, we can create the images that keep for a life-time.

  • outdoor shoots

Studio or outdoor shoots

Whether a formal portrait photo or a more relaxed outdoor shoot, our photographer can work to your requirements, creating the background and creating atmosphere in your photos. 

Special effects photography

If there is something extra-special you would like us to create, give us a call. Our creative photographer and our print specialists can offer unique photo packages. Call us or drop by today to discuss your requirements.